The name Taksim came from the story of the need for water by the inhabitants of the Bosphorus region in ancient times, ?.

Your comprehensive guide to getting ...

Date:Wednesday, September 29, 2021

The name Taksim came from the story of the need for water by the inhabitants of the Bosphorus region in ancient times, ?.

Your comprehensive guide to getting to know the Taksim area

The origin of the name Taksim area

The name Taksim came from the story of the need for water by the residents of the Bosphorus area in ancient times, as Taksim Square was the place where the city’s main water lines congregate and then divided into the rest of the city, and today, Taksim is a commercial area, a communications center, and an attractive shopping and entertainment area. For tourists, as it is the heart of Istanbul, it is an area full of restaurants, hotels, and shops that reflect the image of modern Istanbul.

Taksim area location

Taksim is located in the European part of Istanbul in the Beyoglu district between the Golden Horn Bay and the Bosphorus Strait. Taksim is one of the most famous tourist destinations because it contains many historical monuments and various commercial places on the famous Istiklal Street. Sophisticated transportation infrastructure that allows access to anywhere in Istanbul, where the place was reconstructed and cleared of traffic congestion, and all stations were moved within 100 meters of the square, as the square is famous for being a famous transportation hub in the city center.

Taksim area landmarks

There are many landmarks and places located in the Taksim area, the most prominent of which are the following:

Gezi Park:

Gezi Park is located near Taksim Square, and it is a beautiful and very green park, and the visitor can take a break by watching the liveliness of the city under the big trees.

Taksim Square:

Taksim Square is one of the most famous squares and squares in Istanbul and Turkey, as it leads to the memorial, Gezi Park, and the Hagia Triada Church, in addition to its connection to the old tram, Hussein Agha Mosque, and the famous Istiklal Street. It is also a place for celebrations, marches, and demonstrations.

Istiklal Street:

Istiklal Street is the most famous street in Istanbul, a long pedestrian street filled with all kinds of shops, cafes, and restaurants, where the visitor can buy souvenirs, visit the Wax Museum, and historical monuments, and Istiklal Street is easily accessible from Taksim Square.

Republic Monument:

Turkey became a republic in 1923 AD, and to commemorate this day and this memory, this monument stands in the middle of Taksim Square, where it was meticulously made by the Italian sculptor Pietro Canonica, as it embodied the personalities of the Turkish War of Independence, such as: Ismet Inonu and Ataturk, and the monument is a major landmark within the central square.

 Cultural Center:

It is a multi-activity center located in Taksim, and is considered an important living example of Turkish architecture since the sixties, as it hosted theatrical performances, the opera house, groups of modern folk music and classical Turkish music, as well as the summer festival of arts and culture. The building can be visited at night and enjoy its view while it is lit.

Istanbul Wax Museum

The Wax Museum is one of the most important museums in Istanbul, Europe. It is the first branch in Turkey of a series of international wax museums, which includes the finest wax statues of the most famous personalities in the world from the fields of art, sports, thought and literature.

It is worth noting that the Istanbul Wax Museum is one of 24 branches in different cities of the world, including New York, Shanghai, Amsterdam, Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Berlin, Hollywood. For children in Istanbul, as it attracts adults and children.

 A meeting place for cultures and art

In addition to the convergence of religions, the Taksim area constitutes a center for the convergence of cultures, especially as tourists and visitors travel to the region from all walks and directions, from inside and outside Turkey.

Tourists take advantage of the opportunity to tour the area and take memorial photos, in front of the mosque and church, in front of the entrance to and inside the famous Istiklal Street, as well as in front of the memorials of the Turkish Republic located in the heart of the square.

And adorn these important sites, the many pigeons that walk on the ground among the tourists who seek to feed them and take pictures with them before they fly in a beautiful scene that gives pleasure in the soul.

The square constitutes a forum for various arts, given the events that are organized in the area on a continuous basis, including art exhibitions and performances. It is common to see theater groups, playing groups and singers in the vicinity of Taksim and along Istiklal Street, addressing all segments and ages.

Advantages of living in the Taksim area of ​​Istanbul

The residents of the area can move around in Istanbul comfortably due to the density of services associated with various transportation, and the area contains modernity in addition to the historical places in Taksim.

The real estate residence in the Taksim area is characterized as a lively residence, as the area includes various major life and entertainment activities, and the area contains the most luxurious hotels, the most luxurious restaurants and the most famous markets, and the infrastructure in it is developed to suit the fame of the place.

Advantages of buying an apartment in Taksim

Real estate investment in Taksim with guaranteed profit returns. As the European Taksim region is characterized by its advanced infrastructure, there is continuous updating of the infrastructure, continuous renewal of roads and public transportation, and a metro that serves thousands of people every day, in addition to the presence of schools and universities, and it also contains the most luxurious hotels, and the largest service centers. It has shopping centers.

Transportation in Taksim Istanbul

Taksim is one of the vital areas in the city of Istanbul, and therefore it has an advanced infrastructure that makes it in the ranks of the serviced areas in the city. The name of Taksim station, as the Taksim metro line passes from Vezneciler station, which is at the end of the Grand Bazaar in Sultanahmet, and taxi stands are located everywhere to serve tourists or residents.

How to get from Sabiha Airport to Taksim

can go Either by taxi, which is a bit expensive, or go by the Airport Express E-11 and E-12, which is in its designated stop right at the exit from the airport, as we get off at the Acıbadem Metro İstasyonu station, which brings you to a stop The metro that connects you to different areas, or you can get off at the Uzunçayır metrobus station that connects you to the Uzuncayer metrobus, and from there, to reach Taksim, for example; You get on the Acibadem metro and get off at the Ayrlik-Çeşeme-C station, which is the transfer point to the Marmaray. From the marmarie to the Yeni Kapi. It is Yenikapi M2 metro to reach Taksim station.

How to get from the new airport to Taksim

Airport Havaist buses at the new Istanbul Airport are ready to serve transportation on several continuous lines, as they transport between the new Istanbul Airport and the most important landmarks and tourist areas throughout Istanbul. The new Istanbul Airport has a bus station to transport passengers from the airport to various areas of Istanbul, and the station is divided To several lines, and each line goes to one of the areas in Istanbul, and all the traveler has to do is choose the line according to the destination he wants to go to.

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