The word investment is a broad word inclusiveness, as it expresses the employment of a certain amount of money in any field ?.

Ways to invest money

Date:Wednesday, September 15, 2021

The word investment is a broad word inclusiveness, as it expresses the employment of a certain amount of money in any field ?.

Ways to invest money

The word investment is a broad and comprehensive word, as it expresses the employment of a certain material amount in any field, and carrying out specific activities and works related to the investment project, with the aim of achieving material benefits commensurate with the size of the project.

Are you thinking of investing in Turkey with a small amount of money?

It is natural for the project in its infancy to be a little worrying and tiring. Success requires the investor to be patient and make effort. Well, how do you invest your little money and make profits from it?
Here are some instructions.

Look at yourself and your surroundings, what are you thinking about? What are your interests ? And what is missing in your surroundings to achieve what you want to become realistic, within your field of interest?

Think of the above, and as soon as you find the appropriate answer, you will have laid the foundation for your successful investment project, and the project may be a solution to one of the existing, forgotten, or unrecognized problems.

investment characteristics

 Investment is generally characterized by a set of characteristics, namely:

- Investment is one of the means of financial development in various business sectors.

- Investment is not limited to a specific category of individuals or companies, but includes all categories.

- Investment is usually based on two types of assets; They are real assets such as buildings and vehicles, and financial assets such as sums of money and stocks.

- Investment is classified as a type of commitment that contributes to developing existing resources and increasing their volume over time.

The importance of investing

- Investment is of great importance in influencing societies, and thus individuals and establishments. The importance of investment is summarized as follows:

- Investment contributes to increasing local production opportunities in countries.

- Investment is one of the most important factors responsible for global economic development.

- Investment in the province helps to develop savings for individuals and institutions.

- Investment supports entrepreneurship by providing financial support for new ideas.

Ways to invest money

Investing money in gold

You can invest your money in gold by purchasing unprocessed gold (for example, 24 karat bullion) on a monthly basis, by deducting an amount of money from your monthly income to purchase quantities of gold per month, and then selling your gold at the end of the year.

Investing with bonds

Bonds are securities that may carry various values ​​or categories of money, and the method of investing in bonds is as follows, you buy a bond with a certain value, postpone the payment of its value until you sell it for a higher amount, and then market for this bond by securing its sale at a price more expensive than the price of the bond. Thus, the investment profit is the result of the price difference between the purchase and the sale.

Buy stock

Shares are certain sums of money purchased from companies or establishments that offer their shares for sale and trading in the market, and the buyer of the stock (the share owner) becomes one of the parties contributing to the company’s growth...

Investment is achieved by buying shares, by waiting for a certain period of time after buying the stock, as the stock prices have risen as a result of the growth of the company or institution, and thus you make profits from the difference in your purchase and sale of the share.

 Investing in buying and operating a car

Investing in the field of transportation and transportation is one of the sure areas of profit, as you can buy one or more cars (depending on your financial capabilities) and operate them in transportation companies such as Uber, Careem or Dapsi, and you can rent them to a driver and work at a profit rate.

Investing in real estate

This type of investment is related to the country's economy, and the Turkish economy is a strong and stable economy, so Turkey is one of the first countries to be nominated for real estate investment, and there are many real estate investment projects in Turkey, where there are (real estate development projects, investment by buying and selling a property Land investment, real estate rental...).

There are a large number of investment ideas, and we will not be able to mention them in one blog, as in these words we presented some simple investment ideas, which formed a starting point for many investors, and was a turning point in the lives of many ordinary people, as they achieved wealth The enormous profits and huge profits through their continuation in simple investments, and their transition to a higher level gradually.

Before you start your activity in investing small funds, the following considerations must be fully taken into account:

- Getting rid of debts.

- Allocate an emergency account.

- Defining needs and goals.

- Clear budget monitoring.

- Develop a solid investment plan.

- Taking into account the expected period of investment.

- Choosing the right investment.

- Investment diversification is required.

Why is investing in real estate considered the best investment in Turkey?

- Because real estate investment in Turkey and the world is greatly affected by the state's economy and political stability, and Turkey is the first and best candidate for real estate investment in the region.

- Real estate is the largest growth and profitable sector in the world.

- Investing in real estate achieves almost guaranteed results, away from adventures

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